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Castrol Top Car Challenge
Take a look at last year's Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge, we...
Castrol Top Car Challenge

2010 Castrol SYNTEC Top Car Challenge

Though we were considered the underdogs in last year's Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge, we proudly clawed our way to a very respectable third place finish. All Honda enthusiast eyes were locked on the Honda and Mustang number totals as we managed to scoot past the 5.0 Mustang guys who finished in fourth. Initially, we were excited about competing with a supercharged/K-powered Civic, but as initial testing revealed, high under-hood temperatures were further stoked by the blazing summer weather.

Placing a naturally aspirated, fifteen year old chassis up against V8 power, all wheel drive monsters, and boosted cars is considered by most to be suicide; but after the dust had finally settled, it was obvious the Civic had no problem holding its own against the stacked competition. Out-powered in 2009, we relied more on Honda's legendary reliability and its natural ability to excel on a road course. This year, we're going back to the same plan of attack, placing most of our emphasis on a well-balanced car. While other magazines choose dream cars, armed to the teeth, that the average guy could never possibly afford, Honda Tuning relies on real world cars that anyone could potentially build. Affordable, realistic, completely streetable, that's what Honda performance and aftermarket has always been about.

Besides, what's more satisfying than nipping at the heels of a high horsepower car that costs four times as much as our car? There's only one thing I can think of........beating that high horsepower car. Stay tuned.....

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