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Castrol Top Car Challenge
For this year, we'll be looking to bring out something that makes...
Castrol Top Car Challenge

2010 Castrol SYNTEC Top Car Challenge

For last year's competition we went with a high horsepower B5 Audi S4, since we knew the twin-turbo V6 and Quattro all-wheel drive would be an advantage at the drag strip and on the road course. The combination of power and AWD certainly paid dividends with a 2.85sec 0-60 time. But unfortunately, the rear diff couldn't handle the abuse and blew on its third run on the drag strip, knocking us out of the competition.

For this year, we'll be looking to bring out something that makes good power, so forced induction seems inevitable. We also want something that will be able to handle hard launches at the drag strip, so we might switch things with a rear-wheel drive platform. There are so many options available but we want to find the best combination of power and traction to represent the European tuning community.

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