Castrol synthetic oil warranty

The challenge has begun! Six of the best tuners were selected by editors of Eurotuner, Super Street, Import Tuner, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Honda Tuning, & Modified to battle it out in a series of tests for global tuning supremacy...the title of Castrol SYNTEC Top Car.

Enter the sweepstakes now for a chance to win $10,000 cash prize just for selecting the Top Car! We're also giving away a free case of Castrol SYNTEC motor oil each month so your engine can function at maximum power & maintain peak performance just like the competitors of the Castrol SYNTEC Top Car Challenge.

Which car will be victorious? Stay tuned to find out...

  • SYNTEC provides stability & endurance under extreme conditions (heat, load, speed) that can cause conventional oils to break down.
  • SYNTEC delivers the ultimate performance under high-temperature conditions: unsurpassed protection against volatility burn-off and viscosity increase.
  • SYNTEC neutralizes acids in your engine that can cause rust and corrosion on vital engine parts such as cylinders, bearings, and hydraulic valve lifters.
  • No leading motor oil provides more horsepower (10W-30 as tested vs. leading competitive 10W-30S)